UK First Dutch Roundabout

In our latest journey we’ve produced a series of animations, 360° visuals and an interactive video for a scheme in Cambridge, namely Fendon road and the construction of the UK’s very first truly Dutch inspired roundabout. The £2.3m roundabout, in Cambridge, became the first in the UK to give cyclists the right of way over [...]

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Your next event doesn’t have to look so dull, transform any room

Your next company event really doesn’t have to look so uninspiring.  The creative production team at WaveFX completely transformed a conventional meeting room into a creative event space for Napp pharmaceuticals. Live music, guest speakers and interactive sessions made not only the space but the experience quite unique with positive feedback from both client and [...]

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WaveFX provide event production for Dassault Systèmes

Dassault Systèmes has become a world leader in 3D software. Its advanced design tools and solutions enable a large number of companies around the world to create new, innovative products in sectors ranging from car and aircraft manufacturing to boat building, architecture and mass consumer goods. For a recent company meeting WaveFX provided all the [...]

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A week in the life of WaveFX: Prince Charles, several Hernias and a Magic Lion

This week was a little nuts for local video company WaveFX, with two crews on the road, covering over 900 miles across 3 cities For the 5th year the team filmed HRH Prince Charles at the BITC Business in the Community event hosted at the Round House London. The 1st International Controversies in Hernia Surgery [...]

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WaveFX capture Pearson CEO, John Fallon, visiting Escape Studios

ESCAPE STUDIOS is Europe's premier visual effects academy with a singular vision; to solve the Industry’s lack of educated ‘studio-ready’ talent. Last month John visited Escape Studios in West London, to get to grips with a world that, until then, had been completely alien to him- VFX. An industry-leader in VFX education, Escape Studios has [...]

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WaveFX webcast Tesco’s Christmas Wine Tasting

Cambridge based video company WaveFX filmed and streamed a live wine tasting and Q&A for Tesco’s wine club this week from a central London hotel The 30 minute interactive presentation was hosted by Master of Wine Laura Jewell and author of “Knackered Mothers Wine Club” Helen McGinn. Need to know what wine goes with [...]

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WaveFX film and webcast NHS consultation

An on-line consultation about the future location of mental health facilities for people in south west London was filmed and streamed live by Cambridge video company WaveFX The consultation was seeking views on the future use of facilities at Springfield Hospital in Tooting, Tolworth Hospital in Kingston and Queen Mary's Hospital in Roehampton. Webcasting the [...]

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WaveFX get cooking with TV chef James Martin

Local video company WaveFX were commissioned to capture a unique cookery experienced hosted by celebrity chef James Martin in the heart of London. Reynaers a leading European specialist in developing and marketing of innovative and sustainable solutions for aluminium organised an exclusive culinary event with celebrity chef James Martin. Guests were welcomed into the beautiful [...]

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Streaming good week for WaveFX

This week has been the busiest yet for Cambridge video company WaveFX with 3 big events being filmed and streamed live around the globe. Live event streaming is becoming the norm for so many companies mainly due to its ease, accessibility and low cost. This week WaveFX saw software giant Dassault stream their company meeting, [...]

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WaveFX film “Pilsner Urquell” in the Kitchen

Cambridge video company WaveFX filmed 6 recipes to accompany Pilsner Urquell the world’s first golden lager, including “Beer Can Chicken” and “Jordi’s Chocolate” Filmed on location in central London the WaveFX film all 6 videos in 1 day, with the final edits completed and uploaded later that week. Watch “Beer Can Chicken” here Peter [...]

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