The Opera house at the Winter Garden Blackpool played host to this year’s national magic championships, a 5 day competition featuring the very best UK magicians and illusionists

For the last six years WaveFX has provided all the cameras, crew and AV support for this prestigious event featuring competitions during the day and gala performances for 3500 people during the evening.

This year WaveFX installed 3 GoPro cameras to capture incredible shots unobtainable with conventional cameras, these miniature HD cameras were mounted 60ft high on the lighting trusts and discretely on the stage itself.

Jamie from WaveFX commented “The trick in filming magic is to capture shots which complement and even heightened the illusion, so we worked hard with all the performers to choreography the cameras positions and produce the very best show possible. If we got it wrong the ministry of magic has to get involved to deal with all the muggles – not good”

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