We first met in the autumn of 95; I was recently out of University with a new job and living back home in Cambridge. You were fresh in town, all the lads in the office were buzzing around you, but I played it cool, maybe a little shy, but I waited for my chance.

A few weeks passed  and my boss announced we were moving away from 35mm slide creation and into the new world of “Multi-F’#king-Media” (his words not mine) and it was then I finally got my chance.

You were a CD-rom and together using Macromedia Director we created 100’s of multimedia brochures, presentations and guides which we duplicate in the thousands – happy days

And today it ends, struck from the WaveFX website… Why!!!!!
1.The computer that had Director installed finally went bang
2 prozac online.No-one wants cd-roms
3.We can’t find the Software disc

At least Blu-Ray is here to stay, so the girl in blockbuster told me…