The launch of 4G today, means that live event streaming can go truly mobile and break free of ridiculous high hotel and venue charges and stream directly to the world via the shiny new 4G network.

Its early days with only 1 UK network called EE launching in 11 cities today but come the New Year all the networks will be playing and prices should drop and coverage rise

In terms of bandwidth, 4G download speeds are up to 40mb and more importantly for streaming upload speeds are peaking at 20mb. At WaveFX we only need a minimum of 2mb to guarantee a live broadcast so there’s plenty of headroom

Why this is so good for Live Streaming?

1. The end of hotels charging up to £4000 for a dedicated internet line (London)

2. The end of venues charging up to £7500 to open a network connection (Chicago)

3. The ability to confidently <a class="" title="" href="http://www browse around this”>stream from anywhere (well, within 11 cities)

4. And finally the only reason that matters – cheaper streaming for clients

If you’d like to know more about live event streaming our guide is available here