This year’s MNDA conference and AGM was streamed live to the internet allowing many more people living with MND, careers and fund raisers the chance to watch and more importantly interact live with the meeting.

The WaveFX webcasting team used two HD cameras and mixed the whole day live via our clever encoder which also recorded the event and made a web version instantly available to watch again at the end of the meeting.

The meeting was streamed to a branded site created for the MNDA by WaveFX which allows the viewer to ask questions, comment on videos and share links – view the site here

Comments from the website
Debbie: “ I live in South Africa and being able to watch this conference through livestream has been so amazing and so informative for me as my brother Mark had MND and lives in the UK”

Mandy Garnett: “Watching the recording, fantastic”

Adrian Taplin of WaveFX commented: “ Live streaming this event to the public makes perfect sense to a charity such as the Motor Neurone Disease Association as it allows people who would find it a struggle to attend to be fully involved – it allows anyone with an interest in MNDA to view and watch again”

If you’d like to know more about how WaveFX could help film, record and maybe stream your next event, please do get in touch call 01223 505600 or email

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