This film was our first shoot using the Panasonic AF101 and the amazing Voigtländer Nokton lens, and to be honest we were a little apprehensive. Controlling depth of field whilst ensuring the target is in focus can be very time consuming especially when you’re up against a tight filming schedule.

I’d like to write a really long descriptive helpful blog about all the setup and tweaks to the camera to achieve the incredible depth of field but to be honest it just worked – and looked great.

What we learned is there is a time and place for these new cameras, probably always on a tripod or rail and most useful for interviews and product shots. We certainly won’t be trading in our run and gun Sony EX3 just yet as the image stabilisation and ergonomics isn’t the best.

I guess it’s a great new tool in our video toolbox (can’t believe I just wrote that…)

If you’d like to hire the Camera and Lens please do give us a call, the video link is here