WaveFX capture Pearson CEO, John Fallon, visiting Escape Studios

ESCAPE STUDIOS is Europe's premier visual effects academy with a singular vision; to solve the Industry’s lack of educated ‘studio-ready’ talent. Last month John visited Escape Studios in West London, to get to grips with a world that, until then, had been completely alien to him- VFX. An industry-leader in VFX education, Escape Studios has [...]

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Expansion for Local video company WaveFX

New office, new van and a box full of branded coffee cups mean WaveFX are hoping 2014 will be their best year yet. Established in 2000 WaveFX have continued to change with the digital market, initially a multimedia business producing 3D animation, interactive CD-ROMs and corporate videos they have successfully expanded into live event streaming [...]

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WaveFX webcast live from Convent Garden TV studios

Cambridge video company WaveFX were on the road again last night filming and streaming a live event for the Music Producers Guild in London The Music Producers Guild was conceived by producers and engineers who are passionate about all aspects of creating and recording music. 600 viewers tuned in last night to watch a lively [...]

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WaveFX film crew in the house for Anglia Ruskin

WaveFX a Cambridge video production company have just filmed an edited a short introductory video into the “Management of Social and Affordable Housing” Anglia Ruskin University developed this two year course following an in-depth consultation with the housing sector. It has been created to support individuals and organisations as they develop the capabilities they need [...]

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WaveFX offer 3D modeling and video animation services for Thermoteknix

Thermoteknix based in Cambridge develop high end Thermal Imaging cameras, modules and software for night vision. Cambridge video company WaveFX was commissioned to animate a series of short infomercials to be used online, exhibitions and YouTube. The product to be animated was the TiCAM 750 Thermal Imaging Binoculars which are a medium-range handheld thermal imager [...]

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WaveFX film crew interviews 3D guru’s at Microsoft Research

The work of artists, architects, scientists, engineers and gamers are not usually associated with one another, but they united through their work in advanced 3D computer graphic, parallel computing and visualisation techniques at the inauguralMosaic3DX conference hosted at Microsoft Research Cambridge. The event was themed around the subject of "Future of Education", encouraging delegates as [...]

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WaveFX produce 3D video commercial for Thermoteknix

The <a class="" href=" zovirax for cold">WaveFX animation team have been hard at work modelling a 3D replica of Thermoteknix’s “ClipIR” an amazing piece of hi-tec kit that lets the user see in the dark. The animation explores the inner workings of the camera and the final renders were morphed  into real life scenes [...]

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WaveFX a Cambridge based video company launches three new internet adverts.

Video brings business to life and WaveFX can help create videos that explain complex procedures and products in a creative, understandable way that ensures your key messages aren’t lost These internet adverts are from our video template service which is a simple, cost effective way to create attention grabbing videos that adds a buzz to [...]

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WaveFX awarded the coveted Recommended Agency status

WaveFX has been awarded the coveted Recommended Agency status, having been highly rated by its clients for Film Production, Animation and Live Event Streaming. The company now appears proudly on the UK Recommended Agency Register (RAR). The Recommended Agencies Register is the UK’s leading directory for businesses looking for digital agencies and partners.  Agency clients [...]

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Cambridge based creates first ever “Video by Numbers” service

"Video by Numbers" is the unique new way to create high impact videos for your conference, website or presentation.  Saving clients up to 75% on video production bills and Paracetamol costs. It couldn’t be simpler: 1. Select a template 2. Send us your images and videos 3. We beaver away 4. Your video is created [...]

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