The work of artists, architects, scientists, engineers and gamers are not usually associated with one another, but they united through their work in advanced 3D computer graphic, parallel computing and visualisation techniques at the inauguralMosaic3DX conference hosted at Microsoft Research Cambridge.

The event was themed around the subject of “Future of Education”, encouraging delegates as well as exhibitors to collaborate and gain a better understanding of how today’s Visualisation and Digital Graphics technologies can help improve education at all levels.

Kurt Bowen, Commercial Director at 3D-Hub, commented: “3D technology offers schools an exciting and revolutionary way of teaching, which will no doubt go some way to improve standards in hi-tech subjects. I was delighted that the WaveFX team could document the day and creatively capture the advancements in 3D through interviews, lectures and product demonstrations”

Jamie Huckle from WaveFX said “A great day filming some amazing technology, especially exciting was seeing true 3D without the glasses”

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