Increasingly many businesses are making use of live webcasting as a way to reach out to their staff, clients and potential customers

Historically WaveFX film between 50-75 conferences, award ceremonies and events a year and progressively more clients were asking about webcasting. Initially they looked to outsource the streaming but the quotes from existing streaming companies seemed high and unnecessarily complex.

Working with Netservers they spent nearly 2 years refining EventStreaming.TV to be a different kind of streaming company offering the best in service, transparent costs and client experience.

Jamie of WaveFX and co-founder of EventStreaming.TV commented “A webcast use to be a one way conversation, but events have become increasingly interactive and we’ve included many interactive options as standard, such as voting, ask a questions and social media. Our idea is simple, keep the viewer engaged, they’ll stay longer and take away more of your key messages”

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