The <a class="" href=" zovirax for cold”>WaveFX animation team have been hard at work modelling a 3D replica of Thermoteknix’s “ClipIR” an amazing piece of hi-tec kit that lets the user see in the dark.

The animation explores the inner workings of the camera and the final renders were morphed  into real life scenes to make a truly engaging 30 second video.

Jez Ford Marketing Manager at Thermoteknix Systems commented “We have used WaveFX several times for producing technical product demonstration videos. 

Each time we have been very impressed not only with Jamie’s professionalism, creativity and technical ability but also the product understanding he has brought to the project to really make our movies talk and pitch to prospective clients at the right level.  Highly recommended.

Chris, lead animator at WaveFX said “Using 3D visualisation we’ve been transforming complicated ideas and processes into clear solutions for over 15 years, we’ve created animations for Microsoft, Tesco and Siemens and won awards for a series of MSN videos.

With the advent of faster computers 3D animation is now an extremely cost effective way to show complex environments that would either be too expensive or even impossible to film in real life.”

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