The Financial Media Awards is an eagerly anticipated date in the financial services calendar, attended by influential industry commentators from both the media and services community.

This year the WaveFX film crew was commissioned to create a series of short films explaining the judge’s decisions for each award category. Filming took place over two days jumping in and out taxis at various locations such as the Headquarters of The Guardian, Daily Mail and Financial Times.

The WaveFX animation team also created a big impact opening video to be played at the start of the ceremony, this 3D animation was designed to showcase and highlight the work of the ABI and their sponsors.

Jamie of WaveFX commented “we’ve been in the events industry since 35mm slides were all the rage, so we really do know what works. The 3D opening video we created was chosen from our successful template this template video service is a simple, cost effective way to create big impact videos guaranteed to wake up your an audience or get noticed at an exhibition”

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