This week Cambridge based video company WaveFX filmed and streamed live the MND AGM which was a buzz of excitement regarding the windfall announcement.

The Ice Bucket Challenge is a viral campaign where participants are challenged to throw a bucket of ice water over their heads before passing the challenge on to 3 other people who must accept the challenge within 24 hours. You can avoid this by donating to the charity instead. Or better yet, doing both.

The Motor Neurone Association in the UK has raised nearly £7 million and the American equivalent ASL a staggering $100 million.

Jamie from WaveFX commented “This is amazing social media story that really will make a difference, this year the live stream and video on demand films were watched by record viewers – one piece of news I heard was a clinical lab in the US is to bring forward trials of a new ALS drug that they’ve developed by 2 years, which is incredible”

The Motor Neurone Disease Association is taking donations via its website as well as on Just Giving and the AGM can be watched again here

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